Is it just me? Or are other people in the same boat? The Accessory set for the Man of The Sea never struck me as a "Boxed Figure" uniform.

It seems more like a 75/76 set, a simplified rehash of an earlier set. It could be called "Storm Chaser" or something. Nothing wrong with it, but I like my figures to have a "Boxed" look about them when not displaying a certain uniform set I'm keen on.

So, I based this kitbash of off a custom I found on an Action Man forum, where a guy did the same thing but with the Sea Adventurer.

The Pants are Sea Adventurer issue, and the sweater comes from the 2nd version of the Action Man Adventurer figure. (Found Here)

The boots, shoulder holster and revolver, and dog tag are from the original accessory set.

Here is the original custom for reference.