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Thread: GIJCC: FSS 7.0 Fifth Figure Preview!

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    What I find amusing is that "Treadmark" sounds like "Trademark." Great play on words if "Skidmark" was unavailable due to trademark issues

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    Yup. They just rearranged the letters in TrADEmark to TrEADmark. Well played Club!!!

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    I like this one a lot. One of the few characters from this series I actually want. My only complaint, and its small, is that the texture on the torso doesn't match the sleeves. What kind of shirt is he wearing? If the POC Snake Eyes torso that originally used those arms doesn't fit that vest, could the 25th Beachhead torso work to give his shirt a consistent texture?

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    Looks like Skidmark's revised name has redeemed him.

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