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Thread: FSS 8 Figure suggestions

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    1) Recoil
    2) Backblast
    3) Blizzard
    4) Brazil II Wet Suit (updated with more modern parts)
    5) Red Star (Vintage Colours)
    6) Headman
    7) Headhunters
    8) Taking Battle COmmander Hawk (i really like the way they did TBC STalker into the Tiger FOrce Convention Set)
    9) Bullet Proof
    10) Colonel COurage
    11) Dress Blues Gung Ho
    12) Dr. Mindbender v1
    13) Stretcher
    edit: 14) Dart

    i've given up on a good v1 Falcon... going with MTF to customize my own...
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    Key missing figure


    Highly request

    Fast Drew
    Hard Ball
    Incinerators (as Cobra trooper)
    Bushido/Banzai (as ninjaforce)
    Crusher / Demolisher (as dreadnocks)
    Red Star / Misha (as october guard)

    But i'd like to get
    Ultimate Major Bludd
    Colonel Courage
    Grind Iron

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    1) Captain Grid-Iron
    2) Stretcher
    3)Colonel Courage
    4)Fast Draw
    5) Headman
    6)Grunt 1991 version
    8)Hard ball
    9)Sgt.Slaughter with removable hat
    10) fridge
    11) Golobulus
    12)Red Star (Vintage Colours)
    13) female charecters

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    The most doable figures from a little to no sculpting stand point IMO are

    Gyro Viper
    Wild Boar
    Tan Clutch
    Windmill (arah colors)
    TF Roadblock
    TF Tripwire
    Super Trooper
    Long Range
    SM Footloose
    SM Mutt
    There's also the Fridge and the V3 & V4 Sgt. Slaughters but that's a pipe dream.
    and anything 90's onward are not worth it.
    That would be a very bland assortment.

    I would also like to see 1987 to 89 finished but the club has really been churning out the 1990-91 versions of characters over the last few years.

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    Okay...I'll play. And while I agree filling in some figures from the classic lineup would be great, I'd like to see the 2000 reboot get some love, too. So:

    1) Capt. Grid-Iron
    2) Fast Draw
    3) Blizzard
    4) Backblast
    5) Hardball
    6) Metal-Head (in 1994 BC colors)
    7) Cutter (1992 DEF style)
    8) Major Bludd (2005 version; 'cos we haven't yet had a good Major Bludd IMO)
    9) Agent Faces (2003 version)
    10) Overkill (2003 version)
    11) Chief Torpedo (v1 colors)
    12) Cobra Moray (v1 colors)
    13) Hi-Tech

    Honorable mentions (because weaning it down to thirteen was HARD):
    - Hard Drive and Sgt. Hacker (they were neat concepts that didn't totally translate to their figures)
    - Hydro-Viper (tough call between this and the Moray, but the Moray seems easier to tool)
    - Wet Suit (2002 version; would have to be a completely new tooling to do it right, but I always liked this redesign)
    - Frostbite (2002; at least we do have a definitive version, even if I liked this outfit)
    - Lightfoot (he seems to be a favorite to a lot of people, but I never got it)
    - Toxo-Viper (1988 v1; again we do have a version, plus some pseudo Toxo-Vipers)
    - Annihilator (because I'd like to own at least one in the modern sculpt style without having to spend a fortune)
    - Deep Six (1989)
    - Stretcher
    - Dogfight
    - Grunt (1991)
    - Tracker (I always thought he was cool)
    - Sgt. Stalker (2002 v2 colors)
    - Scalpel
    - Spirit (Devil's Due)

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    here is my wanted list, i have put more than 13 as there is still the 13th figure from FSS 6 and 7 and also possibilities for the last con set and add-ons etc .
    Back blast
    Gung-ho v2
    Hard ball
    Captain grid iron
    Payload v1/v2
    tracker v1
    long range
    super trooper
    Rapid fire v1
    Blizzard v1
    Lightfoot V1
    Windmill v1
    Sea Slug
    Astro viper v1
    Hydro Viper
    Secto viper
    Undertow v1
    Targat v1
    Overlord v1
    Overkill v1
    Headman v1
    Headhunter v1
    if a helmet/harness can be made for Payload , then the same could be used for Secto viper , and even a star brigade set for the convention ?
    i'm sure that this list echoes everything that everyone else is saying , but a lot could be achieved with available parts and only a few new heads/parts etc .

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    I agree with JFaria, the selections have already been made. Not enough time for them to survey the forum posts, check the available parts, and begin to try and create the characters in time to beat the 2018 deadline. Just not enough time. Hopefully Blizzard, Fast Draw, Hardball, and Motor Viper made the cut for FSS 8.0. It sounds like we could see the FSS8.0 Line Up before the Convention Set Reveal. That's a lot of GI Joe consecutively revealed in the final year. A strong finish, especially if it closes some gaps in the original 87-89 roster.
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    Yes, it likely has, but still worth putting our preferences out there, as there's always a possibility Hasbro extends the license or changes their current plans and decides to deliver more 50th Anniversary figures. Our lists can provide a starting point of reference for what figures the collectors desire and would be likely to sell well.

    Really glad to see several others mentioning a desire to see the '86-'89 lineup completed as a priority. It would be a shame for Modern Era 3.75" to end without being able to complete the classic characters up through '89.

    Hopefully somehow JoeCon or the Club completes the Cobra La foursome for us in 2018 with a Golobulus and Royal Guards so we can close that hole in Modern Era figures.

    Curious to know what special licensing would be required for Golobulus, given we have gotten Pythona and Nemesis Enforcer (a la Nemesis Immortal) in ME. It's not like he's a real life persona like The Fridge, which could require special licensing and therefore be much less likely to happen. If it's just the name being trademarked (weird trademark but stranger things have happened), do it like Hasbro did with Nemesis Enforcer in the 25th line and rename the figure but give us an accurate ME reproduction of it.

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    Hopefully Blizzard, Fast Draw, Hardball, and Motor Viper made the cut for FSS 8.0.
    Oooh, good call on the Motor Viper. Now I'm sorry I didn't think of that one. But I still stand by my thought that the 2000 reboot needs a bit more love, too, along with the 87-89 roster.

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    If it's a lot of '90s and 2000s figures I will take a pass.