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Thread: 2018 4" membership club figure discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmac41
    I would rather have his deco right than a second mini gun.
    why not both!? I'd hate to think that having one would exclude the other!

    Did anyone like the build that RoC used for Bench-press, which was essentially the ME version of Rock-n-Roll or did people think that was too bulky for his character?

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    i can live with the current build ,but the colours are really offputting and not even a fair representation of the v2 figure , even if the club can't/wont add the second gun , the paint needs fixing/tweaking because at the moment it is crushing a lot of peoples optimism for the figure ,no-one's asking for extra paint apps or anything , just a few minor changes , and yes , i for one don't think that the bench-press body looks right for the v2 R n R , it is bulky but doesn't give the right look .

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    Hey has anyone thought of the retaliation Kwinn torso it looks like closer to the v2 Rock n Roll than the Snow Job/Wild Weasel torso.

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    I'm undecided about this figure. I like RocknRoll 2 but I think I prefer the concept case over this version.