I saw the 2018 free membership figure is coming under a lot of scrutiny due to it's lack of identification with the classic figure that it is supposed to represent. i feel it only fair to let the club know (respectfully of course) where we as the fans/collectors/subscribers feel it is disappointing us , and give us the opportunity to make viable suggestions as to how we hope the figure cam be remedied before production. i will start with my observations/recommendations , the overall build of the figure is not bad , i would personally prefer the 25th torso used on snow job/wild weasel etc as it closest resembles the original , however if that is not possible then the current build could be made better by fixing the paint apps to properly resemble the v2 RnR figure m paint the shirt tan right down to the bottom of the shirt , ditch the darker brown , paint the boots and gloves black, use a lighter green and colour the legs in the light green and a darker green for the camo , get rid of the darker brown band around the hat and keep it all tan like the original. this would fix the paint to a satisfactory and acceptable condition. also supply a second gatling gun and ammo strap as the twin gatling guns are that figures trademark.please club , do this for us fans and we will be gushing about the figure .