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Thread: Your first figure...

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    Your first figure...

    Open to any scale, what was your first figure?

    (if 12" what was your first uniform to go with said figure?)

    My first figure was a Classic Collection Army Desert Infantry figure, I still have him today, somewhere.
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    Tan Grunt and Cover Girl, still two of my favorites.

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    On the morning of my 5th birthday I got Rock N Roll from my best friend and later that evening my parents gave me a VAMP with Clutch.
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    1986 Dial Tone

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    I am almost positive it was Short-Fuze. I was 9 and visiting my granny out of state. My first vehicle was the VAMP and I got it from my other grandparents. My most exciting find was a few years later on my way to camp. My mom and I stopped at a country store in the middle of nowhere. And behold, I found the Snake Eyes with Timber!! I went nuts and begged my mom for 10 minutes!! She gave in I think because I never really asked for anything and she saw how badly I was wanting it. To show how crazy prices have changed over the years, the Snake Eyes and Timber was $1.99!!!!!!!

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    Many firsts from Christmas 1988

    Phantom X-19 w/ Ghostrider
    SM Low Light
    Shock Wave

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    Christmas Cobras + Cardboard Cutout in '86.

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    Late fall 82( May have been winter) my mom bought me a strait arm Rock and Roll from Petersen’s Ace Hardware in Lemont, Il. Still one of my favorite figures today.
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    My first Joe was the team leader solid olive green fatigues and fuzzy hair mustache and beard, I was like five or six. My first 3.75 figures was the green shirt single pack figures snake eyes, scarlett, rock and roll, zap, flash, short fuze, grunt, breaker, stalker, and clutch with vamp and grand slam with the hal. I miszed my birthday due to being in the hospital for several surgeries, so my birthday presents got combined with my Christmas presents. The bad thing was I had to wait another 4 months before I could play with them. Being born with a birth defect had its perks but also had its problems.

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    THey weren't always combined (well sometimes if it was sizable) but my birthday is right around Christmas so sometimes as I said they were combined.

    While I'm at it my first Joe figure was Crankcase followed by Hooded Cobra Commander, Barbecue and Leatherneck.