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Thread: Most wanted repaints

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    The Oktober Guard truck.

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    Sonic fighters, especially dial tone, tunnel rat and viper. The whole group as a Joecon set would be great too. It would have about seven vipers which I could go for too. Ha!

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    I think both the Sonic and Super Sonic Fighters could be done relatively easily and cheaply.

    Lamprey - 2009 Cobra Island Set
    Viper - 25th and later
    Dial Tone -2011 Club
    Dodger -2017 Con
    Tunnel Rat - 25th
    Law - 2012

    Super Sonic
    Falcon - 25th or Club
    Rock N Roll - forthcoming V2 figure
    Zap - Hmm have to think about this. Any suggestions?
    Psyche Out - Club figure or repaint of '17 Knockdown
    Road Pig - Dreadnok set
    Major Bludd - 25th Fig with some re-tooling
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    HASBRO has always been vague orsomthingorothr, on repaints and never been really clear. Orsomethingorothr It would help if they put a points system with the color schemes they use for repaints such as why does STALKER have a red beret ...instead on just ID'ing STALKER as JAMMER SAS. Further it would be common place orsomethingorothr to have a System or VARIANT FORMULA. Say there was a VARIANT FORMULA for The G.I.JOE Brand. orsomthingorothr Say it was like STALKER/LT.FALCON/JAMMER then ROADBLOCK/M.BLUDD/BEACHHEAD/L & R. This could make nice Pimp Daddy Snake Eyes! Lets not ever forget all the Zombie G.I.JOE we still need to see to believe. And why we never did see so many.