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Thread: Do I have to buy all the figures?

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    Thank you Admin! It's always nice to get an FSS update straight from the horse's mouth! Yo Joe! Can't wait for FSS 7.0 & 8 designs

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    Thanks a lot for the update!

    I would take part in the FSS, but I do not have that much expendable income to drop on Joes. It has been suggested that I buy in and sell the ones I don't want, but that still means I'd have to pay first to get them which again falls under the "expendable income" column.

    I'll buy some in the store for more moolah when they come out, and shrug at the rest.

    I think of 6.0, Captain Skip, Guillotine, Verona, and Rampart were the only top wants.

    I'm not a completionist, outside of Dreadnoks, so I'm okay not owning all of them.

    Honestly, thank you all for commenting. I enjoy talking about these things