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Thread: Who gets a figure with membership?

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    Who gets a figure with membership?

    Hi everyone! I just paid for a membership for the first time this month and was wondering if everyone gets a free figure or do you only get one if you sign up at certain parts of the year? I would appreciate any response to clarify this. Yo Joe!

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    Even if you join on March 17 201? so long as you are on record as a member on March 16 201?+1 and the club is still active you get the free figure.

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    To have gotten this year's membership figure, you would have had to register by March, 17th? I think. (Sometime in March).

    But since you're paying for a 365 day period of member ship, you will be a member during next March, which makes you eligible for the 2018 Club Figure. Make sure you specify which scale you want.
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