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Thread: JoeCon 2018 speculation

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    I don’t want to be a dreamsmasher here, and I echo the disappointed sentiment Over the loss of DEF vs Anybody, but there’s no way we get DEF in FSS 8. They’ve never done multiple sub team members in an FSS. Those are reserved for Con Sets only. Or at best you get one member of a subteam as one roster spot of an FSS. With this being the last one, there’s no way they make one or two of DEF knowing they can’t finish the team next year. FSS 8 is going to have some characters made from Kitbashes and repaints, and I say that because 2017 & 2018 Con Sets contain more of that than ever before.
    FSS 2 had TF Shipwreck and Air Tight. 4 had TF Outback and Sneak Peak.

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    FSS 2 had TF Shipwreck and Air Tight. 4 had TF Outback and Sneak Peak.
    FSS 2 Also had Dragonsky and Big Bear from October Guard.

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    Ok, I stand corrected but each of those sub teams had modern era treatments prior to FSS. There’s no way they start a subteam like DEF that they don’t have enough license time to finish next year. I would love love love to be wrong here, but a bunch of BATS in 2017 Con Set, and a bunch of repaints in 2018 speak otherwise.

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    Yeah, we already had Oktober Guard vs. IG in a previous set. Dragonsky, Big Bear and the TFs were just fill-ins from those earlier sets. Plus, the large amount of TF characters that were released to retail as part of 25th anniversary.