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Thread: FSS 7.0 & FSS 8.0 Predictions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukeruzinsky
    I'm betting on a Crystal Ball at some point. Also, do they ever re-release any convention exclusives? I missed that Interrogator and Laser Viper. Also bummed that I was too late to join FSS 6.0!
    Luke_Ski Crystal Ball is one of the two known figures for FSS 7.0. With the exception of the 2012 Operation Bear Trap I've never known them to rerelease a convention exclusive in the same style.

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    Seeing a Cobra mechanic like those in the 1987 movie would be a cool and probably pretty easy fss fig to do as well.

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    Call me weird, but I am ECSTATIC for Rock & Roll v2! If he is the exact colors as the '89 one, cool. If he is darker colors, even cooler! I have loved R&R my entire life and his '82 version was my first Joe. Even Crystal Ball has potential for being awesome. My list of wants...

    1. Rock & Roll
    2. Crystal Ball (they're confirmed, so why not have them listed?)
    3. Black Major
    4. Red Shadow Troops
    5. Red Jackal (chrome up his head and use the 50th body)
    6. Doc (a modern one, not the 25th mail-away version...very unlikely)
    7. Recoil (heck yeah!)
    8. Fast Draw
    9. Lightfoot
    10. Secto-Viper
    11. Annihilator
    12. Incinerator
    13. TARGAT
    14. Sgt Savage
    15. Cobra Vapor
    15. Headman
    16. Headhunters
    17. Headhunter Stormtrooper (who wouldn't want to army build those skull-faced turkeys??)

    Some options. I'm all for international characters as we've done so far. I love my TF Sneak Peek.