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Thread: FSS 7.0 & FSS 8.0 Predictions?

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    My guess:

    Star Viper
    Fast Draw
    Tan Clutch
    Snow Serpent Ver 2
    Spy Troops Torpedo
    Tundra Stalker
    Gen. Hawk (Sound Attack)
    Mystery 13th - Dress Blues Gung-Ho

    Televiper Ver 2
    Lt. Gorky
    Col Courage
    Long Range
    Budo ver 1
    Light Foot
    Astro Viper
    New Sculpt Gung-Ho or Recondo
    Mystery 13th - TF Jinx

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    I would love a modern era take on Spy Troops Torpedo. That would be 100% outstanding. Lt. Gorky, yes yes yes! But I'd rather have Major Barrage than Col. Courage, and Motor Viper over Star Viper, but otherwise your set is pretty solid and probably the most agreeable to the majority.
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    Yeah filling out the "space-themed" figures is a big priority for me and, I think, several other collectors. Astro Viper, Nullifier, TARGAT, Hardball and Fast Draw would be great to have in ME format. To me, these figures go beyond the ones like Astro Viper and TARGAT that were actually designed to fight in space, but also include ones that have a general space-age uniform or accompanying vehicle design that's indicative of product and building architecture from the late '60s to early '90s. These definitely include Nullifier and the already issued Gyro Pod he piloted, the deco missile suit of Fast Draw and even Motor Viper's stylized racing suit. It would be nice for the club to recognize the style that the original designers brought to that early '90s era of Joes.

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    Motor Viper over Star Viper,
    I can see wanting a more accurate Motor Viper with the two tone blue and silver face plate, but we already gor a pretty good Star Viper update with the ROC line. Just missing Red on the faceplate/mask

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    Ok predictions,
    1 hardball
    2 capt grid iron
    3 windmill (original look)
    4 gallows
    5 tf jinx
    6 tf roadblock
    7 sm footloose
    8 sm mutt
    9 payload
    10 budo v1
    11 fast draw
    12 targat
    Now for my wish list
    1 dart
    2 banzai
    3 dreadnok crusher
    4 dreadnok demolisher
    5 major barrage
    6 slash
    7 globulas (I know what the club has said, but I can still wish for it)
    8 fridge
    9 piper
    10 bushido
    11 ninja force zartan
    12 shadow strike
    13 mercer v2
    14 stalker w kayak
    15 motor viper
    Im sure their are other figs but theese are my most wanted

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    I would like to see a Motor-Viper as well, but I would then want a STUN and I don't see that happening anytime soon.
    They did do the Dreadnok Stun years back so I don't see why we couldn't get one in the original colors. I've brought this up before but I think everyone would be on board for a Stun that comes with two Motor-Vipers. That would save us a FSS figure as well.

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    I think out of the original run of 82-94, there are 39 original characters that had not been produced in the standard of figure. Of those 39, two have been made at the the Custom Classes at Joecon, those being Super Trooper and ROBO-Joe. That leaves technically 37 that need updates. These nu,bees represent Joe Team Members by the way. I didn't count Cobras, but might do that too.

    Anyways, this would be my lost, not that it matters.

    1. Fast Draw
    2. Steam Roller
    3. Blizzard
    4. Hardball
    5. Lightfoot
    6. Nullifier
    7. Skidmark
    8. Wild Card
    9. Backblast
    10. Downtown
    11. Long Range
    12. Track Viper
    13. Surprise me!

    That's me. I know I lack Cobras, but most have been made already.

    For 8.0:

    1. Rumbler
    2. Armadillo
    3. Recoil
    4. Hot Seat
    5. Grid Iron
    6. Dogfight
    7. Stretcher
    8. Updraft
    9. Cold Front
    10. Tracker
    11. Banzai
    12. Bushido
    13. Surprise me!
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    I am requesting for FSS 7.0 ''Beachead,Low light,Skydive,Cobra blackstar,Crimson guard commando,Cobra shocktrooper,Rock viper,Conrad Duke Hauser,Dusty,Sci fi,Leatherneck,Cobra trooper,Iron grenadier,Genaral Hawk,Alley viper,Crimson guard,Grunt,Range viper,Toxo zombie,Cobra viper officer.

    Does anyone know when'' figure subsription service 8.0 starts''?

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    I'm betting on a Crystal Ball at some point. Also, do they ever re-release any convention exclusives? I missed that Interrogator and Laser Viper. Also bummed that I was too late to join FSS 6.0!

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    Rarely do they get re-released. It's usually the Convention and the club store afterwards for a brief time to sell any extras. After that it's secondary market only. You should be able to get the interrogator from one of the joe sponsored websites which will be better than eBay D.C. Send me a personal message for details if you are interested. If I name them on the post, the post will get deleted. Club website policy prohibits other market discussion.
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