Dress shoes.

I think whatever shoes you're using for Mike Power's tennies, and the brown dress shoes for the Arcane Adventurer, are some kind of new molding, yes?

I think they're phenomenal, first and foremost, they fit. Secondly, they're sturdy, it seems like they'll hold up for a good long while.

Which brings me to my suggestion, do some runs of dress shoes. Sell them at the store like the "fix-me-up kits."

Most vintage dress shoes have rotted away, or gotten torn. I can't vouch for how good/bad the Timeless ones are, but the 40th ones I think are too small, and are pretty thin if I remember right. Perhaps sets of three pair of dress shoes, in Black and Brown, would be a smart move, I bet you'd sell a fair few of them.

Anyone else agree or disagree?