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Thread: Who's planning to attend HASCON?

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    Who's planning to attend HASCON?

    Hello Admin. Will there be any Fun Pub reps attending HASCON?

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    Invitations have not been extended to our staff.

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    That's really nice. After all you have done to promote and keep the brand alive over the last 20 years.

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    I probably won't go. No 12", No CR.
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    Still debating going, myself. On the one hand, I've always wanted to go to Rhode Island and do the office/facility tours. On the other hand? $$$$$

    Yeah, $600 for looking at movie props, old artwork and a dinner is just too much. If there were some actual exclusive items you could get by going there, some that might defray the cost a little bit, I might have gone but it looks purely like an entirely sunk cost for the "experience." Pass.

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    If the newly unveiled SDCC exclusive was the HasCon exclusive it might have generated more interest...