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Thread: Just Received 2017 Convention Set

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    Just Received 2017 Convention Set

    I received my convention set earlier this week and I am very impressed. The BF2000 figures are great, and although I wish the set had less of them it was wonderful to receive the 1991 BAT V1.8. Another fine edition to my post-classical (1990-94) ARAH lineup. I also loved that the file cards finally had a gray background and the purple/blue/yellow laser pattern was used on the box. The club should use laser pattern background on the cards for FSS 7 and 8.

    I commend the writer of the file cards for cleverly working the names of all BF2000 vehicles into the copy. I love little touches like that.

    Can't wait to see what's in store for Joe Con '18 (the last one )

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    I too was very pleased with the BF2000 figures! I cannot wait to see the remainder of FSS 7.0 announcements and reveals! Viva La Fun Pub, our exclusive Joe supplier for 2017-2018!