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Thread: 2017 retail- what could have been?

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    2017 retail- what could have been?

    So on EBay some cancelled Prototypes have started to appear showcasing 5 figures in an Arctic theme. Most notably "Action Man" in two variations of the five available. The others being a Wild Bill resembling one and the other two resembling Cobra figures (Snow Serpent and Ice Viper). What do you think? Do you think GI Joe Action Man could be the next retail opportunity?

    Of course the plot thickens... Concept art from 2016 cancelled 50th Wave...

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    It looks like we have a match! Be on the look out for Wild Weasel and the Stinger Driver in either prototype form like these, or from the club, like Rock-n-Roll.

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    The Gray Wild Weasel that was cancelled made it to EBay last summer. Actually, I wonder if the Club could get rights to sell the cancelled line of figures as a add on? The Wild Weasel, Wild Bill and Action Man figures look good

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    I want that Action Man and Wild Bill. Hope the club or Hasbro find a way to get these out. (They should tone down the brightness on Bill's hair though). I also would not mind getting some more Snow Serpents.

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    They did it before with the DTC Wave 4 that got canceled. I think I have 2 of each figure from that wave with additional of 1 of them beyond the 2

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    Hasbro's best contribution to GI Joe over the past couple of years has been designing and then NOT releasing action figures. Yeah, count me in with the people who feel GREAT about Pawtucket taking the brand over again.

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    Hasbro is really one messed up company right now. Terrible case packs, non-existent deliveries to retailers, back logged shelf presence for all brands. Star Wars and GI Joe used to be the worst handled lines in Hasbro's portfolio, but now the disease seems to be spreading to Marvel and Transformers as well. I don't buy these lines, but I know what is supposed to be available and no store has received fresh shipments in months.

    I have no hope for GI Joe as Hasbro insists on merging it with other, mostly dead properties such as MASK, Visionaries, Rom, etc.
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    Now that's the paradox currently. Hasbro is doing very well as a company, and has good margins on almost everything which is very unusual for a toy maker/entertainment producer. They need a couple of their brands to stumble so they can refocus on making their figures and business process better. A restart of Joe is inevitable for multiple reasons, and while it doesn't look exciting, it can lead to better things after the newness wears off.

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    Hasbro's stock is doing well because of the 2016 holiday shopping season. It seems to me that most companies no longer care if they ship product after the holiday season. They just need to ensure that the new stuff arrives before the next holiday re-set (usually in Sept.). The other issue is that Hasbro has been using the same SKU numbers for BS and 3.75 products for years. All this does is create a backlog in retailers' warehouses.

    I was very disappointed with how Joe was handled last year by TRU. In my TRU they were dumped with all the unsold $25 video game figures in back of the store when they should have been placed with all the other Hasbro brands (Star Wars, Marvel, TF).

    I don't mind a refreshed concept but it seems that the ARAH line and its fans are being dumped in favor of youth market that no longer exists for Joe. How Hasbro except kids to get into Joe without any media such as cartoons, comics, video games, or even a social media presence for the brand?

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    Hasbro stock is doing well because they have margins that are highly unusual for a toy maker and good expectations that their franchises will do well as a whole. A TRU exclusive has zero chance of being smoothly distributed. Hasbro is saying that there will be a new media production in the next couple years for Joe. It might not be what ARAH fans like but it will bring attention to the brand which could bring more classic line products after that. I don't like it that the club goes away just like many other ppl, but at the same time I don't want to get more BATs and another thousand versions of snake eyes. Something fresh to expand the market could easily be a good thing, and get more buyers interested in previous versions of Joe stuff. Hopefully in remaining FSS lineups they have more of a classic Joe tilt but it will be fun to see what happens anyway.