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Thread: Can you think of 24?

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    In light of the newly surfaced prototypes in China, we could get the Stinger Driver (Brown & Green Version) in a club offering (FSS?). It's the only one of Hughes' images that we haven't seen, either produced, scheduled for production (in the case of Rock-n-Roll) or abandoned (so the prototype can show up on China EBay).

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    Well if rocknroll v2 is free figure. Then maybe action man is 13t h

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    As a 3/34 ARAH collector, I REALLY hope that's not the case but would be very typical with the club lately. We got Carla Doc and GI Jane, which never had original ARAH figures, for 13th figures while hoping for one that would add another ME version of an original ARAH figure to the line. Especially with how little time the club seems to have left it just seems ridiculous to give us figures from comics or other lines when so many of us would really like to see the original ARAH lineup filled or at least as close as we can get to it.

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    Ditto with jyoders19. It now seems unlikely that hasbro barters a new deal with Funpub after current contract ends. Everything will go inhouse with Hasbro, which has been their pattern in recent years. It would be disappointing if there was the same proportion of non-ARAH figures as there has been in the last two series.