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Thread: 2017 Official GIJoeCon News and Discussions!

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    Post 2017 Official GIJoeCon News and Discussions!

    The GIJCC Staff are all geared up in Florida for the official GIJoeCon.

    Please use this thread to discuss the convention souvenirs and announcements as they are revealed at the show. Also, keep watching the official website and Facebook page for our photos of the exhibitor showroom, special guests and events.

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    Any news on the HEART WRENCHER and DREADNOK STINGER yet?

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    My Question for the masses is what Figure from the Exclusives revealed yesterday do you think is a definite Hilight of the convention.
    For me I'd have to say DeeJay and BAckstop

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    There has to be something to reveal at the club panel tomorrow, right? They have already shown FSS 6...
    looking for:
    tan harness from 25th DVD pack Stalker
    black shoulder harness from Dollar General gray Duke
    tan colored legs from Renegades Tunnel Rat, POC Steel Brigade, or similar color
    sniper rifle from Retaliation GI Joe Trooper (gray) or female Cobra Trooper (black)
    vintage Backblast v1 missile launcher
    DG Storm Shadow Bow (or similar mold in black)

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    Could they possibly reveal the FSS 7.0 lineup only with reveals coming as soon as the last shipment of 6.0 delivers?
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    I think we'll hear about the Heartwrencher and vehicle offering (possibly photoshop mock-ups), FSS 7.0 lineup, and another 3-pack.

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    We're probably going to get an update and timeline for a 3 pack of Night Stalkers and possibly WORMS.

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    As far as this year's con exclusives,

    The Vector jet looks nice!
    Deejay & Backstop were expected; Corrosao is a pleasant surprise!
    Laser vipers are nice, but I would've preferred they were a club exclusive, over a con exclusive.

    I'm not a big vehicle collector, so the snowmobiles & rocket packs don't do anything for me. That said, the only vehicle I will be actively after will be the Cobra Sky Serpent. The main reason is because it comes with a figure. I realize that would drive up the cost of a large vehicle, but if the snowmobiles or rocket packs came with a figure, I'd be more inclined to pursue them.

    Not getting Overkill or Hotwire is disappointing; but at the same time, I'm glad those 2 figures are not limited to con exclusive quantities.
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    I tend to have my primary Designated Agent pick up most of the exclusives for me. This years skipped exclusive was the Vector.

    My one disappointment was the way people could buy multiple Carded Big Lob's since my primary Agent was supposed to buy me one so that Brad Sanders could autograph it.
    Hopefully when the Club Staff gets back to Fort Worth and posts the remaining Carded BL's that some will be autographed for a Reasonable price

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    I agree with you on all points.
    1. Vector Jet is wonderful and the Conquest mold was a great choice.
    2. Deejay 2-pack is also wonderful. When I saw "Ultimate Enemies" I immediately thought Deejay vs. Overkill, but Corrosao is a pleasant surprise. - Just plucked down $117 on Ebay for this.
    3. Backstop - love this figure. Hate to see that it is so expensive on Ebay at the moment.
    4. Laser-Vipers - great 3-pack, but also disappointed that another 80s/90s trooper is a Con Exclusive (SAW, Frag & Annihilators are the others). They look kind or naked without their laser packs. - Just spent $160 for these on Ebay
    5. Sky Serpent - Not that interested in the vehicle, but I will need the Laser-Viper Officer.
    6. Snowmobiles and Jet Packs - Interesting, but I will only buy if the price crashes to a little over retail on Ebay.

    Overall, I would say the offerings this year are pretty good. They are not as well coordinated, theme wise as 2016.
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