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Thread: 2017 Official GIJoeCon News and Discussions!

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    No retail product should mean all the tooling is available as well one would think...

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    They all came out better then I expected. I really like Dodger and both Deejay and Corraso.

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    Does anyone think that maybe just maybe we can get a GLOBULAS in the last 2 fss series? I mean with no retail for the next 2 years I don't see how they can still say due to whatever we can't.

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    My guess is Golobulus is still very unlikely. FSS 6 is using 2 new molds for the entire wave (Dojo and Guillotine's heads). FSS 5 really only had 1 brand new part (Xamot's head). Golobulus woul require way too much new tooling to make.
    looking for:
    vintage Capt Grid Iron helmet and football grenades
    vintage Backblast v1 missile launcher
    DG Storm Shadow Bow (or similar mold in black)

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