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Thread: Speculation on 2017 Con Souvenirs?

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    Speculation on 2017 Con Souvenirs?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this year's convention souvenirs:

    1. Dee Jay with a Vehilcle
    2. 3 Pack & 2 Pack Maybe TARGATS and Joe winter figures or vice versa
    3. Backstop with Persuader
    4. Maggot with WORMS trooper
    5. Some vehicles repainted as BF2000?

    Not as clear cut as last year.

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    Drop Figure- Dee Jay
    Two Pack Hot Wire and Overkill
    Three Pack Laser Vipers
    Figures with Vehicles...

    Reuse of Mass Device emitter as "laser weapon"

    Vehicles you got me, probably the Cobra Adder from the Valor/Venom line as a Vector other than that... no guesses... I think we may get Back Stop, Arctic Stalker, Blizzard (indicating who the 13 surprise will be in the FSS 6.0)
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    Forgot about the Missing Hot Wire and Overkill and Laser-Vipers. Hate to think that Dee-Jay might be the paradrop figure. I hope it will be as easy to obtain as Freefall, and not another NF Crazy Legs. My credit card is going to be maxed out by the end of this week

    I can't recall if the club has indicated the number of souvenirs that will be offered. Usually they offer some hints a month or so before the convention. Did I miss something?

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    Deejay and backstop 2 pack
    3 pack overkill special bats
    Pit or introduce cobra base as bf2000 future or rhino

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    Deejay and backstop 2 pack
    3 pack overkill special bats
    Pit or introduce cobra base as bf2000 future or rhino

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    Highly doubt we'll get WORMS trooper with a vehicle. Probably a three-pack, if that.

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    DeeJay is a no-brainer, I could see them pairing him with a vehicle (maybe re-painted Ice Dagger or Sky Sweeper)
    TARGAT makes sense for the drop figure
    Hotwire and Overkill 2 pack
    WORMS with a DTC Hiss or Surveillance Port

    Long shots: Overkill with Mole pod (repainted like his original vehicle), Nullifier with Sky Hawk (black and gold paint), Ferret w/ DTC Hiss (black and gold), Hotwire and Dr. Mindbender (Ver. 2 or 5) 2-pack, Backstop with Persuader.

    I also wouldn't be surprised is we didn't see a Sky Hawk painted Cobra blue.

    Just can't see the club using the Pit or Rhino for the con, either would be way too expensive. Either way, we'll know more Thursday!

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    I like the Targat parachute drop, but see a the drop fig with a new head sculpt

    Parachute Drop-Windmill(regular)
    2 pack-Dee Jay and Backstop
    3 pack-Worms
    Attended bonus-LAW
    Rhino(long shot)
    other vechiles no sure

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    Ninja Combat Cruiser 4 x 4 with LAW canon as the Eliminator Jeep. The Cannon and turret fit in the missile launch ninja Combat Cruiser...

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    Well, the club used the Crimson Hydra/ Sky Sweeper mold last year, so we know that's available. It could be done in silver and called the "Sky Sweeper", once again.