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Thread: Please read the guidlines!!

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    Exclamation Please read the guidlines!!

    These I think should be guidelines to follow and make sure as many people as possible leave this forum unoffended. Possible to please everyone? No, not really. But we can make this family acceptable. These are just fan community suggestions (based off the primary club forum rules).

    1. Leave out sex. Let's keep it clean, you can allude to it, but no explicit descriptions.

    2. Drugs. Unless its one that doesn't exist in real life, but is being made/used by the antagonists (Like Venom in Batman), leave them out too.

    3. Mature attitudes. Describe the actions of our evil-doers in a way that would be OK for all ages. Ex.:

    The Commander threw the photos on the table. One by one. The Adventurers looked at them as they hit the cold metal. Though each one of them was tough as nails, some of the pictures made them hurt, even cry a little. "The man we only know as The Man of Evil, has set up internment camps on small islands in the south pacific. He and his band of yesmen seem to want to make miserable the lives of the inhabitants." The team members looked on, the people in the photographs looked miserable, scarred, beaten, hungry. This needed to stop.

    Nothing really explicit, only hints really.

    4. Profanity. Hell, crap, and maybe ass. I think damn will be OK as long as the prefix isn't the allmighty. The Club should let me know if I was out of line with this rule.

    Please follow these as best you can, otherwise, CUT LOOSE!
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