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Thread: GIJCC FSS 6.0 Bonus 13th Mystery Figure?

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    With the trend of the club using 13th figures for 12-inch or other outside-the-original-ARAH lineup characters in the last few years this would certainly be in line with a GI Jane 13th or a comic book version female "Carla Doc Greer" figure but MAN do I ever hope they don't do that to us original ARAH collectors again. Considering how little time we have left before Hasbro takes back the license and does God knows what with the brand, I really wish they would use those slots for ARAH characters that still have not received the ME treatment. There are highly requested ARAH figures from sub-teams (NF Lightfoot, TF Jinx) that would fill that slot better than an Action Man retooled to fit into format and ARAH continuity. It just seems like it would be a waste.

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    Totally!! Dang it's like jyiders19 is thinking what I think before I do and typing it for me read. It's getting kinda weird actually.

    Action man is such an obscure character and that 13th FSS figure has been so hit and miss. There are so many other highly requested ones that could be made instead that would be eaten up by collectors that could be picked.

    Dang I'm from Chicagoland originally too. That really is weird.

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    I predict it might be Slaughters Marauders Footloose or more likely Tiger Force Beachhead.

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    But one of the clues was it would have a new head sculpt. There are perfectly good existing heads to make SM Footloose and TF Beachhead.
    looking for:
    vintage Capt Grid Iron helmet and football grenades
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    DG Storm Shadow Bow (or similar mold in black)

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    dayton Oh
    After seeing Hasbo's Reveloution boxed set for SDCC anyone else thinking we can narrow the choice down to Tiger Force Roadblock or Night Force Action man?

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    I don't think its Tiger Force Beachhead. I remember him green with a black vest.
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    You know, it could be something random like a Cobra mechanic. That definitely appeared in the 1987 movie and I believe in the show and marvel comic. If not that would be a good figure for fss 7.0 which hopefully wont be the last one!

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