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Thread: GIJCC FSS 6.0 Bonus 13th Mystery Figure?

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    It would be weird for them to do another Spirit since they already said only one Hardball. In years past i would not have disagreed, but with the end approaching, they seem to be slowing down on the duplicates and saving slots for different characters
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    What if the MIA clue actually means it's a character who wasn't actually part of a sub team but they newly minted him? Not unlike Slaughters Marauders Hardball...

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    It could be air commados Spirit, I guess, but I don't ever remember him being "highly requested." I think most were fine with his 1984 incarnation.
    Agreed but there havebeen other figures that we have gotten that I don't remember seeing being requested, not that we didn't accept them and now they are the hardest ones to find on the after market. Don't believe me just do some investigating and find out for yourself. An air commandos Spirit could be one of the coolest figs ever.

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    Sure hope it's NOT another Spirit. That would be a huge disappointment!! With that out of the way, what about Powers? Isn't he considered the original Man of Action? And hasn't he been in the magazine a lot over the past year or so? Anyway, if I'm right or wrong on any of this, he fits all the clues.

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