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Thread: GIJCC FSS 6.0 Tenth Figure Preview!

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    Overall it's not a bad looking figure I would probably swap out the computer pad for something more realistic looking but not mush to complain about in my opinion.

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    Really find myself going back to this one. The retooled helmet is great. The helmet was critical to this figure and I am ecstatic that the Club went through the trouble to tool it. Also the mustard cloth ascot gives the figure a lot of character. Very pleased with the ascot as well. This figure always reminded me of The Rocketeer and I like the vintage look. Again I really like this one.

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    I really like this one. Worm was really an anchor for FSS 6 and this ones great. Hopefully we do we a 3 pack like others have conjectured.

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    I think we can assume the WORMS Trooper 3-pack will be coming and will have the red symbol on their helmet instead of silver as the only distinguishing feature from this figure. I'm also thinking they'll cook up some kind of Maggot facsimile for them to pilot. Let's pray it's not another Snow Cat.

    I wish the helmet had been resculpted. The old one clearly sticks out as a vintage piece. You wouldn't just slap the vintage Cobra Commander head on a modern figure. The shapes of the newly sculpted helmets and masks always look less chunky and more crisp. Looking at a modern figure and seeing an identical vintage head slapped on it feels like a cheat to me.

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    A three-pack would be awesome since his original filecard stated that a crew of four WORMS usually operated one Maggot.

    Hoping they at least do a different chest with no command coat for this prospective three-pack.

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