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Thread: 2nd Run Figures?

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    2nd Run Figures?

    Fun Publishing / G.I. Joe collectors club has a very impressive catalogue of G.I.Joe figures they have produces over the years.

    With 2018 being the last year you have the license for the product I would like to suggest something that would benefit everyone.

    Offer pre-orders for previously released Figure Subscription Service figures and possibly even previously released convention figures.

    For the FSS figures that have been previously released just add "2nd print" on the front of the card. The convention figures would look great on card backs.

    Imagine getting the Oktober Guard or someone like Metal Head on card backs. Those would be stunning on any collectors wall. A second chance at great figures like Big Boa would be welcome by many collectors.

    Some collectors might worry that this might drop the value of their figures. Look at comic books. 1st run production is always more valuable than reprint issues but it allows everyone to enjoy the product.

    Unless there is a legal reason why this can't be done, please consider this option for 2018. You guys are basically sitting on a printing press for making money. If the price point is kept reasonable, like $30 a figure I would drop a boat load of money on these. This would benefit the club as it would be a massive influx of money and leave many collectors happy with a chance to possible fill the holes in their collection.
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