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Thread: GIJCC FSS 6.0 Eighth Figure Preview!

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    Count me as one of the subscribers that really like to see the international figures included in every f.s.s. offering. The India colors are unique and not boring like the US version (without the Skystorm copter to hide inside). Got to give the club credit for making him a "search & rescue" guy and giving him a MUCH better helicopter backpack.

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    MUCH, MUCH prefer THIS "rescue pilot" coloring over the ridiculous U.S. release. PLEASE do not feel you have to be slavish to original coloring of figures, especially once we get into the era of questionable color choices. Remember, the Club made their "bread and butter" by "fixing" ridiculous figures!

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    I take back my suggestion. Just took a close look at the US Windmill online and he is BORING!! The Funskool version is much better.

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    Count me as another "US version instead, please" vote.

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    I like it. My order has been placed with a day to spare.

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