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Thread: GIJCC FSS 6.0 Seventh Figure Preview!

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    He doesn't look to bad but I kind of figured one of the holsers would've been used via belt or connected to the jacket. The torso looks ok but not sure why it was chosen. It kind of looks like he's wearing a bullet proof vest with no shirt on.

    I have not been impressed with the faces on the BF2K heads. I always saw Blaster as a little more dapper. This one looks like Walter Matthau. I don't think Walter is a great face for a Joe.

    I will say this, I don't remember his name but I seem the remember his name having ten characters. There are nine hashtags on the listing.

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    Well, I like the arms used a lot. And the goggles are fine.

    Some of the other parts choices are puzzling (this is one well armored stealth fighter pilot) but it works okay for his vintage look.
    I will be really disappointed if "#########" is actually on his figure stand. I know all about the joke from the original comics where no one could remember his name, but the name was still printed on the box and file card for us to see. I would have liked to get his name on the figure stand and a reference to this joke on the file card. Can someone at the club comment on why this was done? Was it purely by choice, or is there a copyright issue? I think most copyright issues have been solved in better ways before (such as putting the file name with the code name on the stand i.e. "Mark Sub Zero Habershaw"). I'm holding out hope that we still see his code name on the stand when the figures arrive. This happened with the Tiger Force Con set when Wreckage's name got changed to "Sabretooth".

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    Name on stand, please. Joke on file card.

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    I am assuming that Hasbro was able to use Ghostrider in the 1988 because Marvel held the Joe comics license.

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    I got this series specifically for this figure and WORMS. Very glad that they hit these two out of the park.

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    Wish there could be more paint apps added to the legs. The darker grey on the pads would really make them pop.

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