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Thread: Terrordrome Parts Needed!

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    Terrordrome Parts Needed!

    I've got two terrordromes: one is mostly complete, the other is a black base with white command level and requires all the other parts. Let's make a terrordrome.

    Pictures to follow, as well as a list.

    More importantly, I need help/advice on how to remove the blue outer cobra panels of armor !

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    Don't! and Don't look at them very long or they will break.. Those and the Blue Gun Mounts are some of the the most fragile and Delicate plastic in the GI Joe line from the past. An still nobody makes a replacement part for them...

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    Seriously though. I need at least 3 of those panels and I do need to remove one. Help is appreciated

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    Anyone wanna recommend someone to buy from? I want broken parts for some customizing too

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    Ok, I'm back to considering cutting these panels out. Help me folks