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Thread: Mark Weber is leaving

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    Hoping he was able to sneak in a 2017 line-up, along with his favorite Joe, Thunder... :/

    Is THIS why no word on Hasbro attending the con?
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    I hope this doesn't spell out the Death Nell for the club in 2018.
    (All respects to Mr Carlin) Things you'll never hear a Joe say:
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    A year from now we'll probably find out. Until that time I'm going to stick to business as Usual.

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    That Hasbro couldn't find a place for a talent like Mark and CHOSE to lay him off says a lot about what's wrong at that company. It also shows that resources, Mark, were being eliminated from the GI Joe brand with, apparently, no plan for replacement. More reason than ever to fight hard to keep the club and hope alive.

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    This is not good news for the future hopes of G.I. Joe. Makes you think that giving FP two more years was just a saving move for Hasbro and not the brand as we know it. Change *****!

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    I don't know how rare it is to have a fan leading a hotline but it seems like it was the best case scenario and a successful one. Thank you for your efforts, that ARE greatly appreciated.

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    I hope this doesn't spell out the Death Nell for the club in 2018.
    I agree. This does not bode well for the club. I was hoping that the 2 year extension would be extended further as Hasbro continues to try to figure out what to do with Joe.

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    Well it is looking bad for Joe I find it both ironic and irritating that every time G.I. Joe has been 'killed off' it's always been at the hands of Hasbro.

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    Personally, I think the recent TRU Joes would have been more successful if TRU had shelved them with Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers rather than off in a corner with clearance items and NECA figures (which don't sell well at TRU anyway). It's Hasbro's fault that GI Joe is pretty much dead at the moment. They had a really good thing going from 2002-04 and 2007-09, but each time horrible distribution issues started to plague the line.
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