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Thread: May 2017 updates

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    I'm pretty sure they were intending to get him out before- but he was still on the water at that time.

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    They said he'd be landing with the con sets about the end of this's the end of this month. ������

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    More updates

    Convention registration ends Wednesday May 31 at Midnight.

    FSS subscription period ends Friday, June 2 at midnight. Subscribe now!

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    I just realized how close the deadlines are to one another. I pity those on the fence that now faces a one two punch this week on pulling the trigger.

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    Thanks for the update.

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    Hello Members,

    Pre-Registration ends tonight, Central time at midnight! You have a little over 12 hours to register for the convention or for the non-attending packages. If If you miss registering, you must come to late registration Friday, June 16, at 9:30 AM at the WDW Dolphin Resort. Packages are subject to availability.

    For the 3 3/4" fans, there are only 79 attending and 40 non-attending packages left.

    For the 12" fans there are only 58 attending and 30 non-attending packages left.

    Time is running out!

    Go to to register!

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    We have left the FSS registration on through Sunday night.