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Thread: Important suggestion about address changes

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    Important suggestion about address changes

    This won't apply to probably 95% of the members, BUT consider this The Club sets the cut-off for the membership figure for a given year at March 16th (though this year they moved it to March 22). The Figures though don't ship until mid to late spring or early summer. What if your address on March 16th is not where you will be when ultimately the free membership figure ships.

    I can tell you this much from personal experience. Don't expect that the post office will forward on your free membership figure. YOUR BEST BET and I'd do it sooner rather than later is IF you know you won't be at whatever address was on file on March 22 (or March 16th) when the figures likely will ship is to Contact customer service and give them the address that you will be at as soon after March 16th as you can.

    Funpubadmin or a super moderator. IF you could PLEASE leave this thread up and post in a reply the phone number and email for customer service and optionally lock the thread afterwards I would appreciate it.

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    We have a permanent thread with all the contact details for our Customer Service: