Couple of notes on convention quantities:

3 3/4"
For the loose sets, there are only 16 non-attending sets left and 66 attending lose sets.
On the boxed sets there are (American Hero) a little over 100 attending and 66 (I know weird coincidence on the same numbers) Homefront (non-attending) sets left.

On the 12" front there are 69 General's (attending) and 41 Base Commander's (non-attending) sets left.

So... we are running down to the end.

The hotel still has rooms left on Wed-Sat at the higher block rate.

Exhibitors are still coming in. With 2.5 months left we are already at 120 tables. We estimate we will end up around 175 based on past experience.


Box designs are in final stages and will preview soon.


Membership figures will ship in the LATE spring. These are scheduled to be in the same container as the con sets. We are planning to get them out before the convention.

Arcane Adventurer/Man of Mystery accessory sets will pre-order once we know they are in transit.