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Thread: Revamped Joe?

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    As an ARAH fan, I'm more than happy to step aside for what comes next if it, indeed, can help revive the brand as more than just an occasional repaint product but the risk is far greater today than when we were kids who got excited about the new ARAH line. Physical toys, themselves, are not the moneymakers they once were and the competition with video games and other forms of interactive media have never been greater. The reality could be that the "revamp" is storylines in video games and movies that does not create any physical product at all with the sales of the games being what pads Hasbro's bottom line. I think it's more important than ever to support the club and what it does for all of us collectors.

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    I'm also confused as to how someone born in the 1980's is a "millenial." If you were old enough to buy ARAH, you cannot/should not be the target audience for the revamp.

    If a person born in 1982 is a "millenial," then as a millenial I demand more ARAH.