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    Just for Fun...

    If Hasbro were to come to you to create a saga for GI Joe to culminate in three movies, a live action television show, cartoons, Comic, and a multiplayer gaming platform that had a distinct story that ties all the media properties together and tells one story what would you come up with... Oh, yeah- they give you one catch-> You have to use ALL the GI Joe Properties. That means the original GI Joes- America's movable Fighting Man, Adventure Team, Super Joes Defenders vs Intruders, A Real American Hero, Action Force, International Heroes, Argen 7, Star Brigade, Ninja Force, Tiger Force, VvV, JvC, SpyTroops ROC, Retaliation figures/designs HAVE to be worked into the story and visuals at some point.

    For me, I would start off prehistorically with a created story about Atlantis/Mythology (in particular the Gorgan Armies- creating a new back story for "Cobra La" the way MARVEL has done for Thor) and a battle that "sinks" the lost Continent when the crystal powering the advanced civilization overloads and explodes sending the fragments into the stratosphere to fall back in different remote locations around the globe. The tale would tell of how the losing side retreated to "Shangri La" and were never heard of from again. That myth had many of the creatures of folklore attributed to them searching at night to retrieve the lost pieces to rebuild. Then it would cut to a Professor/Archaeologist and some scientists in a presentation to a Pentagon/CIA/ National Security panel during the Korean War discussing how the Germans were, and now Russians are, searching for the shards of this crystal. (Yes, Indiana Jones inspired). This would be the introduction into the first Joes. Joe Colton would be a Private out of this group of "America's Moveable Fighting Men" , From Here the movie would turn back the Russians only to come up empty handed, but indications that a third party got their first. Transition to VietNam, and The older group being in charge of 18 year olds like Stalker, Storm Shadow, and Snake Eyes. ( live action show would follow the recruits as a spin off from the Movie), the original group after Vietnam becomes disillusioned and Joe Colton and a few of the others are recruited by the CIA to go on special "missions" for them and the Adventure Team is formed. Here I would combine the AT/Super Joe and Defenders into one story. Maybe change their origins a little and in the end mission recover another piece of the "lost crystal of Atlantis". At this point I would identify the third party that stole the first Crystal as a James Bond like enemy army known as the Red Shadows. I would introduce the Action Man/Red Shadows/ and lay the ground work for the Action Force forming. GI Joe -Action Force would be a spinoff cartoon from the end of the movie. The Second Movie would be to show the formation of GI Joe and the Action force in the past tense tying into the end of the live series and cartoon storyline. It would show the weakening of the Red Shadows and the escape of Baron IronBlood to the US hiding in a small town in Colorado. There he befriends a used car salesman... I would highlight the Rise of Cobra in a get rich quick type pyramid scheme, with tests of ultimate loyalty and the taking over an area in two states which is called "Springfield" after the first town to fall under Cobra. Cobra's big plan will be to build the MASS DEVICE as a way to "raise Atlantis" the future Cobra Island, but world domination demands as a slight of hand... The comics would tell stories of the individual characters rounding them out, and in between missions that would be referenced in the shows and movies.

    To tie in the lines- I would have the Night Force on a nighttime covert ops mission, Tiger Force as participation in a Tiger Meet to stop an Arms deal, etc, etc. Some of the regular Joes "unique" original and colorful uniforms" would either show up in scenes on a "day off relaxing", or carefully placed dream sequences (Ninja Force, and day glow neon uniforms) that don't really exist. This way Cobra La may only be a myth/legend with something real behind it, the space stuff could be revisited or buried with the Adventure Team. Just thinking of ways to connect it all together. Anyone else?

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    That's heavy and you have a lot of free time

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    Just a fondness for the brand, and a realization that if we offer up enough thoughts, ideas and support for multi media the chances of getting Hasbro to produce retail toys in support of that multimedia is increased. The thought of using all the lines that came before is simply to get some of the missing holes filled in

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    This was a difficult exercise because all-Inclusive Joe entities just isn't my thing. I like keeping my distance from the 1990's stuff, and the outer space stuff. So here goes...I hope it inspires someone in a positive way...

    In 1941 an unidentified flying object (UFO) crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico. The government rushed to the crash site, processed the scene, and removed all evidence. Shortly thereafter, Alien invader conspiracies began to run rampant. The truth was way more frightening. In what would be the predecessor to global positioning software technology, long before the launch of satellites, the US government learned at the end of WWII, that the object that crashed in Roswell, NM, was a Nazi operated mid-flight fuel ignited, non-exploding, metallic disc, with a homing beacon. It was a Nazi Tech Op to determine if they could launch missiles or soldier loaded transports that could actually reach the U.S. from a Western European launch site. Even more disturbing was that the metallic disc itself was comprised of a metal alloy not found in the Periodic Table of Elements.

    In 1960, this information was declassified and disseminated to the Secretary of Defense who got approval to further investigate by sending a team of soldiers and scientists called the Adventure Team to different areas of the world in hopes of finding mineral deposits somewhere that could explain the construct of the twenty year old mysterious trajectory object. The adventure team was not given all of the information, but asked to scour the earth in an attempt to solve the mystery. Their adventures took them to high altitudes, underwater mining excavations, and everywhere in between. While the mysterious metal was never identified, several other mysteries of the planet were discovered and explored by this team.

    Present Day - Cover Girl Courtney Krieger is on a Sports Illustrated Photo Shoot in Antarctica when she discovers a Clandestine Paramilitary Group outfitted in primarily royal blue with a strange red symbol embroidered on their uniform. The suspicious group has some sort of device they are using to cause seismic vibrations at the base of a mountain.

    When the magazine photography unit and other models are taken hostage without ransom, it's up to cover girl to save them. Snow Job, Frostbite, Ice Storm, Alpine, Iceberg, and Blizzard are dispatched to rescue Cover Girl and save the civilians.

    While Cover Girl waits in seclusion for her backup to arrive, she observes something she doubts General Hawk will ever believe in her debriefing.

    The hostage takers use the device to cause a massive avalanche. Afterwards they bring in another instrument that largely resembles a stolen Higgs Boson instrument which was stolen in a burglary at the CERN research facility from Switzerland, nine months prior. Cover Girl watches in amazement as the fallen rock debris from the Avalanche is pulled away in a particle beam a hundred times faster than fifty heavy duty construction backhoes could ever hope to accomplish. Underneath the debris appears to be a pyramid identical to those in Egypt. Within the hour this militarized group is mining something from inside the temple.

    By the time the Joes arrive to exfiltrate Cover Girl, the hostages and the unidentified group are gone. Before they leave via helicopter they blow up the pyramid and move the rock debris back over the base of the mountain using their high tech devices. An aquatic canvass is conducted by the Joes, looking for an aircraft carrier the helicopters would have surely needed to land on, but no such ship is located or found on radar.

    The NSA is present when Hawk is debriefed. Neither China nor Russia appear to be involved in any capacity. Later that night, An elderly General nearing retirement by the name of Joe Colton reaches out to Hawk in secrecy. Colton informs Abernathy that he was the liaison between the original Adventure Team and the US Government. He shows Hawk old photos from inside an Egyptian pyramid, photographed by the Adventure Team decades ago. One such photo reveals a drawing of a group of pyramids with one such construct a long distance south of the others. Colton tells Hawk the hieroglyphics were found in a secret chamber of an otherwise off the beaten path pyramid, not available to tourists because of the geography that surrounded it. What does it all mean? What was being mined from the Antarctic Pyramid. How did anyone know it existed?
    A global warming conspiracy was created to explain the Avalanche in Antarctica and sold to the media.

    Also present day - The US President is expected to announce the decommissioning of NASA and the beginning of privatized commercial flights to outer space.

    Moments before the president is to take the podium he receives a call from the Pentagon. The press conference is canceled. CIA operative Phillip Codename: Chuckles Provost has just returned from an undercover operation where he intercepted a dossier being delivered by a courier named Vypra, that proves MARS Industries CEO James McCullen has been funding Chinese Astronautical Research. The report indicated that a substance stronger than iron-ore and diamond had been mined from an asteroid belt. The substance not identified by the periodic table of elements was being tested for a new type of ammunition. The documents were copied and sent to General Colton who notices a striking resemblance to the composition of the substance the 1941 Roswell UFO was made of.

    The Chinese were also using Vypra to send McCullen a video that ends in an interrupted broadcast from their mining operations in the asteroid belt where it appears the Chinese Astronauts were being attacked by an alien life form, but the video was too grainy to know for sure. A distress signal was sent and then all communication was lost. The US Government immediately launches the Defiant Space Shuttle to investigate. The Shuttle contains a group of Mega Marines supplemented by a Steel Brigade.

    Can anything go smoothly for the new president elect? When his chief of staff gestures for him to quickly wrap up the reassurance of assistance call with the Chinese Prime Minister he knows something else bad has happened.

    A masked man in a ceremonial dress uniform also donning the same red symbol on his mask that the Antarctic paramilitary installation was wearing, appears on an encrypted broadcast monitor, in the Oval Office. He advises that his "Techno-Vipers" have cyber attacked the DOD and obtained the names, photographs, and reports of all the undercover DEF agents in South America. To prove it, he e-mails PDF files to the president's top secret email account. He tells the US President not to bother attempting to withdraw The undercover operatives as they have already been captured. His list of demands includes the release of several international war criminals from US federal prison black sites. A Narcotic Task Force comprised of Tiger Force and South American SAF Action Force members are paradropped into the Paraguay portion of the Golden Triangle in hopes of locating and rescuing the undercover operatives currently held against their will.
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