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Thread: Joe Con Registration Question

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    Joe Con Registration Question

    OK, call me premature, scatterbrained, whatever. It's usually announced when Registration is ending, right? And do they tell you when figure sets are running low? I want the 12 inch set this year, and I need to clear a few charges first so i may be cutting it close. I just don't know. Otherwise i may have to just get it.........Wifey wouldn't like that......LOL! Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, fellow Joe's
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    I think the normal cut off is 3 weeks before the date of the COnvention or things sell out. There were years though where registration didn't start until almost the last minute but that's not the case this year.

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    Can we order the shirts and stuff if we're not attending?

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    I think at the point of registration you could have, if you already registered then I am not sure.

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    Yeah, that's why I was wondering. 2015 was a messy year, thats for sure. That was a fun Con though, being my first and all. Plus I'm a TF fan. I wont be attending this year, but I want to make sure I have an opportunity to snag the 12" set. I like to try and wait a few weeks. That's why I was wondering if they warned you if they're running out. They haven't run out the last two years, but i want this set......and knowing my luck. LOL!
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    WHEN will we get the info on the Custom Class figure? Kind of need enough time to get any required parts....

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    They address some of these in the following thread:

    "May Day Update
    Here are some convention notes:

    Cosplay Weapons Policy:

    This year we will be following Disney's Prop weapons policy:

    No Weapons of any kind or objects that appear to be weapons (toy guns, toy blasters, squirt guns, etc.)

    This would include items with blades or look like grenades.

    To date, we have not had any teams of six to sign up for the GI Don't Know Trivia Contest. Contest will be on Friday. If we don't have anyone sign up by May 15, we will cancel the event. Please use the Contact Us link at to register. Questions will be from all era's of G.I. Joe.

    Tell your friends that the last day to register is May 31st. Just a month away! Same for your favorite Exhibitors...make sure you ask them if they have registered for a booth!

    Registration confirmation and sign up times will be sent out in June.

    Add on packages or additional registrations need to be completed by May 31st as well.

    We have renegotiated the parking at the hotel. You can park at the Dolphin for $20 per night or you can park at the Swan (100 yds away) for $10 a night. For the day folks you can park for fee at Disney Springs and ride the Disney shuttle bus over. Park in the Orange section. Cars must be removed by 3am or get towed.

    There are no GT American Hero's left but there are a few GT General's packages left. In addition, there are still seats available for the Wednesday Customizing Class.

    There are 13 loose BF 3.75 non-attending sets left."

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    Just sent an email to everyone that registration closes next week. The email has how much we have sold through. Not a lot left but some of both.