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Thread: Gijoe transformer figures

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    Gijoe transformer figures

    I know fun pub is not doing transformer anymore. Does that mean they can't do spike who is showing up in the comics on the joe team

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    I know ever since I saw him I was like I need a G.I. Joe Spike Witwicky as well as Chameleon. Also I now have to trck down and fork out some cash for a Quarrel.

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    What about Springer and Ultra Magnus to go with Rodimus and Arcee

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    I was just thinking that! Unless, for some reason or another, they (Hasbro) feel they cant do crossovers because of the individual Transformers licence being lost. I Always thought Joe v Transformers was its own story line. That alone I think should warrant certain allowances from the brand to FP. BUT I also realize those Figs were from the Tranformers side to begin with..... BUT's the same toy company. C'mon Hasbro! Help some brothers out!! LOL!!
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