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Thread: 2017 GIJCC 3 3/4" Membership Incentive Figure --- Big Lob!

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    First, an incentive figure, by the definition is "a complimentary" piece to the membership or subscription. Think about the Free "Super Bowl" Hat, Commemorative Football, and/or binder of the winning team offered by Sports Illustrated. Yes some people sign up for that stuff, but that isn't the main product SI is offering. Same thing with the GI Joe Collector's Club. They are offering a service of news and product exclusive to the members (Magazine, Con Figures, FSS, Add Ons, This forum, etc.). Yes, most people sign up for the figure, but that isn't all that Fun Pub is offering- so yes, it is a "free incentive" for you to sign up for their overall services.

    Second, It is February, and given the time that these usually take to have made with mock ups, presentation to Hasbro, and approvals of tooling, design and factory for these figures, plus mock ups from the factory like this, and to still ship by April- my guess is they are already scheduled into production, and possibly parts have already been produced. If my suspicions are correct there can be no changes at this point. Personally, I can live without the articulation- my niece and nephew won't care.

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    The bigger issue here that some people are missing is that this isn't about a single membership figure. This is about sending a clear message to the Club and to Hasbro both that lowered articulation is not acceptable.

    With the introduction of the 25th Anniversary figure sculpt and it's new points of articulation a standard of quality was set. With each subsequent innovation that bar is set higher. As a consumer, I expect my brand of choice (e.g. GI Joe) to maintain that same level of quality- if not improve it. When those standards aren't met (e.g. a reduction in articulation) the value of the product is diminished.

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    Star Wars went from Multi PoA back to the original 5. People complain, but they still buy them. It is a numbers game- each PoA has an added cost. When the added costs, outweigh the added value (higher revenue from more sales/higher price) it is not economical. There are to many "wait for clearance" Joe fans which is why we can't have nice things... hahahahaha

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm jumping in to clarify that this preview is the final Big Lob figure based on available tooling at the time of production. As we've mentioned before, some occasions we are required to use entire figure molds.

    Thanks for the feedback, but we have no plans to reduce action figure articulation. Just remember that we must work within the existing inventory to meet production window deadlines.

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    "As we've mentioned before, some occasions we are required to use entire figure molds."

    Wow, thanks for the clarification, this is the first that I've read this. Well that makes sense now when some of the parts used in FSS or Con sets make up a previously released figure.

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    Thanks. I assume the club had a very short design to production window since everyone thought Hasbro was pulling the plug until the last minute.

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    I like the figure as is he is still more articulated than some action figures across a variety of lines these days and the figure looks good. I am just happy to get a second chance at Big Lob as I was not a member the first time he was available add to that it is in the modern format my now preferred Joe format and I am a happy camper.

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    Can someone help me out? I am utterly confused by the figures that compromise the 2017 Collectors Club Exclusives. I have seen several collector club exclusives on e-Bay but I am not sure which figure we get with the yearly exclusive. I am knew to the club. Thanks!

    Please understand, I wasn't criticizing (bad Super Bowl comparison, I am is/was a Falcons fan :<. I have realized a better vice for me is collecting action figures. They don't disappoint you on a yearly basis). I just wasn't clear on the figure, which was not why I signed up. Everyone kept telling me I needed a hobby and I realized, oh yeah I have one! I could care less either way about articulation, I am just looking to make friends and look for something cool to do. I love the Cobra Trooper I have seen. I am in Columbus, Ohio and we have a all out action figure show coming up in March.

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    I can see why you are confused.

    There is the annual Incentive FIgure that you automatically get by signing up before MArch 16 which is Big Lob this year.

    Than you have the Figure Subscription Service which is an add on that consists of 12 figures that you sign up for (the current series is series 5 which is shipping now) and if you make it to the end they ship a bonus 13th figure with your last shipment.

    There is also the COnvention set which this year is BF2000 versus BATS. you can currently sigh up for that if it interests you.

    ALso sometimes they offer up a vehicle with or without driver and sometimes they had cross over exclusives with the Transformers Club but the crossovers have likely ended since the Transformers Club is no longer under the Joe Club's parent organization.

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