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Thread: IDW: Salvo reimaged?

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    So glad we are getting a good Salvo from the club this year (hurry up FSS shipments ��). If Hasbro ever did Salvo in the next movie line it would probably look like this.
    looking for:
    vintage Capt Grid Iron helmet and football grenades
    vintage Backblast v1 missile launcher

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    No. Just... no.

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    I want GI Joe, not hipster SJW Joe. Again I'm fine with switching characters identities, but it has to make sense.

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    I'm bothered.

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    You get nothing from this. Nothing. All the writer gets is a feeling of empowerment of pc. So tired of this!! If you have to change a character that has been around for over 2 decades to make them hip/cool/exciting/ fill in the blank, then I got news for you, you suck as a writer and mom and dad lied to you!!
    Creating some with what you have a bald guy with a huge rocket launcher. Now take that and add something of interest.
    Thank you.

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    Haha, seriously. This is why I only buy Hama's GI Joe continuity.
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    I don't mind the Salvo change, but I was dipping out of Joe at that time. I didn't make sense that he was so much like Backblast a year before him.

    I am not liking the new character designs, nor the changes in the characters personalities. Rock-Roll and Scarlet are the only 2 from the original 13 on the team, yet they act as though they hate each other. R-n-R is downright disrespectful, certainly not something we've seen or would expect from an elite military team.

    IDW started to lose its way with the Van Lente run, and completely imploded with the Traviss run. I was hoping that this one would be much improved, but not so far. . . and I was further disappointed that Revolutionaries completed disregarded the IDW Oktober Guard. They're there in name only.
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    I wish IDW would stop trying to reinvent GI Joe every two years and coming up with junk. The best was 2008-10 (especially the Cobra series). I'm sticking with Larry Hama's interpretation. They also need to do more than one ARAH Complete collection per year. Also, most of their collections of classic Joe are falling out of print (by Hasbro design?)