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Thread: IDW: Salvo reimaged?

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    Those covers are just insulting.

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    You think? I wasn't kidding this just completely turned me off from the shared Universe completely.

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    So hasbro hires someone to tell them if your characters 'evoke' memories for millennias (however you spell it) they will embrace Joe!? So make 'em look like Dexter's Labratory and boom! Instant sales? Com' on that absurd and it doesn't work and drive the true fans away.

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    Those covers are really bad.........are those the shop books or are they the "special edition" covers? How is the artwork inside compare to the covers?

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    There are some good covers (Transformers and MASK look okay), and some meh (like the ones doing the IDW verse GI Joe that has this version of Salvo on it), and then there are these where all the lines interact the most I think. I assume the cover matches the art inside as the cover artists usually work on the book itself also. That has why I haven't invested myself into any of the Shared Universe. If the art is total garbage, I just can't get into it...

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    agree total collected issues 1-3 for gijoe mask and could not get into them

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    The art & covers for the new series is terrible. MASK is much better, but the stories are very long-winded and really don't seem to be leading anywhere.

    New Joe stories would be much better off with Marvel (the whole line stinks, but the Star Wars books are great [except for Poe Dameron, a useless series about a forgettable character]).