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Thread: IDW: Salvo reimaged?

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    So, we know know that Salvo is Samoan. If the cover is any indication, her first mission will be a fish out of water type story.

    3 issues in, and the writing has been pretty good, but the art has been awful. I would really like him to move on from the Dire Wraith story, it feels allot like Secret Invasion from Marvel. It feels like we kinda know where this is headed. I am hopeful for the Crystal Ball and Dreadnoks story, as Zartan left them in the Australian outback, and this could bring resolution to that lingering plot thread. Time will tell.

    So far I'd give it a C+.

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    I agree. No real problems with the writing, but the art is just terrible. The on MASK, on the other hand, is great.

    I loved all the cameos in the MASK Annual.