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Thread: 2017 GIJoeCon Set Details and Previews are ONLINE!

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    Nevermind good will gestures, it increases their ability to sell stuff and make money. I'll, in all likelihood, never go to a Con. I'm too married and have too many kids, but I would buy exclusives directly from the Club. I'm sure I'm not alone.

    Maybe even have just one strictly attending exclusive figure- not 6 or 8 or however many there end up being. It's damn near cost-prohibitive as it is, without being expected to attend a convention, which costs money, to spend even more money when you get there.

    Besides, to hear most Con-goers tell it, the reason they go is the comradery, not the exclusives, so they shouldn't be that upset...

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    I've been meaning to write about color usage since I received my 1987 based FSS5 Sneak Peak. I personally found the vibrant lime green conflicts with the overall less saturated color palette. I immediately went to the mock-up provided during the ordering period and can see the lime green was there from inception. While this, in a way, is a level of transparency, the color palettes chosen for club figures is overall ambiguous because we have been routinely told these are mock-ups and colors will change. The lime green is a great example, in my opinion, of members acknowledging colors are not final, assuming a less saturated palette in conjuncture with the rest of the piece, and receiving different than expected results. Other instances of confusion have since been your 2017 B.A.T. Squad Leader and FSS5 Scoop.

    The solution I present is a color palette chart provided on the side of the presentation image that includes the PMS number (plastic and paint) you intend to provide the manufacturer. So while the mock up gives members a guide for your intended motifs, the color palette gives members a lot less speculation as to your intentions. I have mocked up your BAT Squad Leader based on the sample image in the photograph of the samples above as a reference.

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    Looks like Mr. Hama is slowing down his con attendance after this year... This is his schedule coming up from his official FB page.

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