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Thread: Your top 10 club wish list!

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    Your top 10 club wish list!

    As far as we know, the club will only be around for a couple of years. Time keeps moving on, and the odds of us getting what we're looking for grow slimmer with every new club release. So, here's a simple exercise. Make your own top 10 list of things you'd like to see the club release; before they close up shop. It's your own personal list, so don't worry about whether the club can actually do it or not. Let your Joe desires be known. Here's my list:

    1. Golobulus
    2. Crystal Ball
    3. Cobra Eaglehawk
    4. Sgt. Slaughter (Marauder's version)
    5. Kangor (with a kangaroo)
    6. Urzor (with a bear)
    7. A Red Shadow's con set (w/ the major characters, Baron Ironblood, Black Major, Red Jackal, Red Laser)
    8. Star Brigade figures
    9. Plague figures
    10. D.E.F. Vs. Headman & the Headhunters con set

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    1. Major Barrage
    2. Checkpoint
    3. Rook
    4. Red Zone
    5. Battle Force 2000 Con Set
    6. Red Shadows Con Set
    7. DEF Figures, (retooled not nostalgic versions) with Kevlar vests and Mace an undercover, long haired bearded guy with arm tattooes and a removable badge on a necklace
    8. Michael "Mad" Monk
    9. Dart
    10. Fast Draw
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    There's a bunch, but at this point, I'd be satisfied to finish Ninja Force, and preferably in a manner that doesn't require buying high priced exclusive sets or con exclusives.

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    I know some of these are near impossible because of tooling but I'll join in:

    1. Dress Blues Gung Ho
    2. Plague Con Set
    3. Red Shadows Con Set
    4. Raven, the female Night Raven pilot
    5. Star Brigade
    6. Crystal Ball
    7. Fast Draw
    8. Dr. Adele Burkhart
    9. Cobra-La set
    10. TARGAT

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    Without the restriction of "can be done", I'd like to see the following:

    1) IDW G.I. Joe FSS (Krake, Monk, Urzo, Tripwire, Mainframe, Light Horse, Hot Sauce, Copperback, Ronin, Chameleon, Firewall, Headman)
    2) Cobra Stinger (POC VAMP Style)
    3) Updated APC (fit 4" figures)
    4) HeartWencher and 4x4 truck
    5) "Proving Grounds" Con set - Battle Force 2.0 vs Cobra Drivers (WORMS, Moto-Vipers, Ferrets & Nullifier)
    6) SEAL 3-Pack (Torpedo, Wet-Suit, and Deep Six in non-diving suits)
    7) Cobra La Royal Guard 3-Pack
    8) Famous Joes 3-Pack (Fridge, Sgt. Slaughter, Rocky)
    9) Pick your own 3-Pack (any 3 Club produced figures since 2011, pre-order only)
    10) Un-produced FSS (Un-produced figures from Hasbro Vault - Renegades figures, Ver2 Rock-n-Roll, Snow Serpent, etc.)

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    #1 through 10 and announcement of a 5 yr Extension of Fun Pub's license! Otherwise as many 87-90 updates as they can possibly make!

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    Too many to list!

    The GIJCC definitely deserves at least another 5 yr extension to balance out the bizarre plans that Hasbro has.

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    Very true; after making my top 10 list, I realized I probably could have done a top 20. However, if you don't make a list, the club may not know. Give it a try!

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    Want a list-- Here is a list of requested or unproduced (tried to keep it pre 1991) from previous threads...
    These are the holes- 87-90 again...
    84- Tan Clutch (
    85' LnF Tripwire
    86' MB Dial Tone (original MB colors)
    86' MB MainFrame /Dataframe( Same as above)
    86' Motor Viper/ Nitro Viper (original Paint colors would be awesome)
    87' Crystal Ball
    87' Fast Draw
    87' Gung Ho Dress Blues
    87' Back Stop
    87' Gyro Viper
    87' WORMS
    87' Sea Slug
    87' Steam Roller
    87' Rumbler
    87' Payload
    87' Hardtop
    87 Cobra La Guard
    87' Golobulus
    87' Avalanche
    87' Blocker
    87' Blaster
    87' Knockdown
    87' Maverick
    87' Dodger
    87' Fridge
    88' Astro Viper
    88' Hydro Viper
    88' Toxo Viper v1
    88' Blizzard
    88' Budo
    88' Hardball
    88' Light Foot
    88' Armadillo
    88' Ghost Rider
    88' Skidmark
    88 Windmill
    88' Wild Card
    88' Ferret
    88' Nullifier
    88" Secto Viper
    88 Sgt Slaughter V3
    88' TF Dusty ( I am okay with Felino version being Dusty)
    88' TF Roadblock
    88' TF Tripwire
    88' Retail Release TF Recondo
    88' NF Sneak Peek
    88' Super Trooper
    89' Backblast
    89' Countdown
    89' Dee Jay
    89' Downtown
    89' Recoil
    89' Rock n Roll v2
    89' Stalker v2
    89' TARGAT
    89' Hot Seat
    89 Long Range
    89' Dogfight
    89' Payload
    89' Windchill
    89' Wild Boar
    89' Track Viper
    89' SM Footloose (
    89' SM Mutt and Junkyard
    89' SM Sgt. Slaughter
    89' PP Copperhead
    89' NF LightFoot
    90' Cpt. Grid Iron
    90' Rampart
    90 Rapid Fire (although not in neon- POC style)
    90' Stretcher
    90' Sub Zero
    90' Cold Front
    90' Major Storm
    90' Updraft
    90 SF Dial Tone
    90' SF Law v2
    90' SF' Tunnel Rat
    90' SF Dodger
    90' SF Falcon (maybe 91)
    90' SF Stalker (maybe later saw him in the stores and didn't buy because I was getting "too old", but thought about it. He came with a huge backpack that made sounds or something)
    90'' Decimator
    90' Vapor
    90' Overlord
    90' SF Lampreys
    90' SF Viper
    90' Tracker
    90' Dusty and Sandstorm (may be 91 or 92 I liked him (except the Red hair and because of Sandstorm, but never picked him up as I was getting out of Joes then growing up)

    Then there are these:
    Action Force:
    Sky Raider
    Blast Off
    Hot Jets
    Red Shadows:
    Red Shadows
    Baron Ironblood
    Black Major
    Red Laser
    Red Jackal
    Red Wolf
    Red Torch
    Muton Robotic Trooper
    Red Vulture
    Alice (Sunbow)
    Mistress Amanda
    GI Jane
    Nurse Jane version
    Mike Power
    Dr. Isotope
    Man of Evil
    Lost Adventurer
    Man of Action
    more AT guys in 3 3/4
    Funskool Trip Wire
    Sokerk V2 (Ripcord)
    Back Stop (Argentina because Hasro like the Blowtorch mold)
    Cheetah (Stalker Argentina- changed up a little so not straight repaint)
    Dinamita (Short Fuze Argentina- changed up a little so not straight repaint)Argentina)
    Roger (Breaker Argentina- changed up a little so not straight repaint)
    Hector Ramirez
    Mara (Sunbow)
    Col. Sharpe
    Gen Flagg Jr. Dress Uniform
    Cool Breeze marvel
    Sparks sunbow
    Raven (StratoViper Commander) -Sunbow
    Gorky (IDW OG)
    Shtormavik (IDW OG)
    Colonel Shtern (IDW OG)
    Torpedo (Navy Combat Uni)
    Deep Six (Navy Combat Uni)
    Daina (Sunbow OG version)
    Volga (OG)
    Ultimate Scarlett ( Green shirt version with removable 82-83 style helmet)
    Mutated snake man Cobra Commander (1987 movie)
    Arctic Zarana
    Arctic Zartan
    Arctic Zandar
    Arctic Torch
    Arctic Ripper
    Arctic Buzzer
    Arctic MonkeyWrench
    Abbey Chase (Agent of Cobra from the Danger Girl Comic Cross over
    Heather (Zarana in disguise from 1987 movie)
    Create-a-cobra (1992 era pink mail away figure)
    Kwinn in Red Coat (MARVEL accurate)
    Miles Mayhem (MASK)
    Cadet Demming (Sunbow)
    Soft Master
    Shooter ( Green shirt version with removable 82-83 style helmet)
    Wong (October Guard Sunbow)

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    Ummm, I think that's more than your top 10.