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Thread: Major Vintage Scam- RedBacks

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    Major Vintage Scam- RedBacks

    This has been posted in almost all GI Joe Facebook groups and involves Thousands of dollars and numerous collectors that have been scammed. If you have sold, or own any sealed mail away vintage Joes w/ Redback Filecards, Accesories, loose figures, or filecards that have been sold, to or through, Juan Jirau (EBay user names
    Yojoe30, yojoe2013, WRC1978) then you may be affected. This scam has been going on for a while, and Juan had built a trusted reputation amongst the groups, even becoming an admin in one group after building up enough trust amongst fellow collectors and fans.

    Posted by David Croft in multiple groups.

    David Croft
    EVERYONE: Please be aware of Juan Jirau

    Some of you may have seen in the past Juan Jirau post pics selling sealed red back mail aways. He seemed to have a large amount of these. When I asked him where he got them from, his response was he had an older friend (late 50s/early 60s) that had bought them years ago and he needed to sell them for the money. He explained that this friend had duplicates of almost all of the red back mail aways.

    Over the summer I bought several sealed red back mail aways from Juan. The figures looked good, sometimes they would have minor issues, but nothing major. The cards would look good, sometimes they would have minor issues, but nothing major either. The baggies they came in at first glance looked a little fishy, but they were close to others I had in my collection so I didn't worry to much about it.

    In the last week or so other collectors have brought up doubts and questions about things he was selling. Several of us have spent the last few days looking through our collections, comparing stories, experiences, and sales/buys with Juan. Below are two examples we would like everyone to know about.

    EXAMPLE #1: Starduster v1a
    On September 6, 2016, I bought this Starduster from Juan. Please look at the JUMP backpack. It does not have 1983 stamped on it and stickers have been applied to it.

    EXAMPLE #2: Destro Asst. #6192 Around October 25, 2016, Michael Sullivan sold Juan this loose red back file card. On November 5, 2016, Bill Sing bought a sealed Destro from Juan. Notice the wear and stains on Michael’s red back and the red back in the sealed baggie Bill received.

    more pics in comments...

    Suspected ebay accounts:


    This has been cross posted to insure the word gets out to as many people as possible who may have been affected by something similar.

    For more info go to the Facebook groups
    GI Joe Discussion
    Unofficial GI Joe Rec Room
    Unofficial GI Joe Discussion and Trading
    GI Joe Auction Block
    GI Joe Battle Force New England
    Or contact
    David Croft, Michael Sullivan, Scott Sise, Ken Fields, Bill Sing, or Scott Sciranka if you think you got caught up in this scam.
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