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Thread: Pile of Loot?

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    Pile of Loot?

    With the shipment of the 5 pack and the Rodimus and Arcee "Only Human" figures, as well as FSS 5.0 all scheduled to arrive I think the Club should offer a "Pile of Loot" option like BBTS. Where they hold shipment until everything arrives in, probably in 3 month blocks of time with cut off so they are not providing "free storage." Even if it didn't save on freight charges (it should), it would be a matter of convenience for some. Thoughts?

    Of course with how patient some people are it would not work for everyone...

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    It if saved me shipping, sure. If it doesn't, what's the point?

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    Convenience- I would rather make one trip to pick everything ordered up at once than multiple trips. I usually only go to the PO when I am expecting something or once every two to three weeks.

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    Oh, I hear you. My stuff just comes to the house, so that's not an issue for me.

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    I would like it only if it saved on shipping (one shipment instead of multiple). If it's going to be the same exorbitant shipping costs then it's not worth the bother.