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Thread: December 2016 club updates

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    I figured if registration is in January, they'd start slow-rolling the reveals soon. 50 bucks for a membership without knowing the incentive figure is one thing, but $500 for a con set without knowing what's in it is quite another...

    Or more likely, everything will be postponed, as is tradition...

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    I forget which other thread it's on, but Admin commented that we would know the convention set theme by end of January. Then in the Brian's Intel section of the club magazine, they hinted a reveal may come as early as mid January. But In either scenario, we are 30 days away tops, from at least the theme reveal if not the actual figure names as well. I am pretty excited. I've been counting down from t-minus 90 days since the post was first made
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    could be worse though. We could be at this point with almost nothing to go on and have JoeCon be in April like I think has happened for a few of the cons since I joined the club (back when Iceberg was the Incentive figure)

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    Or it could have been much worse and come Saturday there could have been no Club figure, no con set, no FSS 6 because there would have been no Club... I am patient- just all the Jo boards are slow right now...

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    ...well that is unless you are really into customs or the Revolution thing...

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    Any word on when we can expect shipment of the GI Joe/Transformers sets and the Transformers human figures? Site still says expected ship date is end of December, and tomorrow's the last day of December!

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    Copied from a staff post on page 1 of this thread....

    "The container with the FSS 5 figures and Transformers crossover set are in transit now. It should arrive here around the first of January.

    Still looking at January for convention information and registration start. Figures are not far enough along to show anything yet.

    2017 12" Club Membership figure will be on the cover in the January Mag. The December Mag is super late (due to printing issues). It will go in the mail in the next day or so. We have finished the transition out of the Transformers Club and that caused a couple of hand off issues with the print files."
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