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Thread: Beyond 2018....

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    Beyond 2018....

    So with the diversity of interests and priorities two years just will not cut it. I and some others would like 1982-1990 to be the only things produced/updated to fill "our holes", while fans of the Ninja Force, and Plague Troopers, DEF, etc would like the eras they collected in to be the focus, international collectors would like more action force and the Red Shadows and quite frankly- not having enough slots/or tooling to produce all of them, makes the 2018 end more and more frustrating.

    I know the petition, and support form the GI Joe Collecting community had an impact on the FunPub extension, as well as probably helped get a figure or two added to the 2016 retail release.

    What can we do as a group to get the next extension to be a little longer, maybe make it even stronger so more Joe fans want to participate and most importantly Hasbro offers that extension?

    How do we get the holes filled and get the GI Joe Con to continue outside of HasCon?

    How do we get more of the holes filled for all of our eras and still get the product for retail that is "new and fresh" for future collectors and children?

    Some of us still want classic vehicles remade (without a movie to carry that effort -especially any retooling or new tooling) but the costs are prohibitive compared to the "retail sales" and the variety of options available are hindered.

    Could Hasbro/FunPub do a pre-order system similar to kickstarter but in house? So many units, all or nothing?

    Hasbro owns a cartoon studio- How do we get a new GI Joe Cartoon series? Maybe one that has a whole new reboot that pays homage to the characters and stories told before, just being told to a new generation of fans?

    Basically- what do we need to do as collector's, fans, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents to keep GI Joe at retail and to keep this club going well into the future? I know some people have problems with some things the club has done in the past, some have issues with communication, etc., and if you haven't noticed they have really improved those things, and are actively trying to continue to do so.

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    Personally, I would love them to be more active on their FB page. Sharing bits of GI Joe History, product updates, Club information, sharing links to old GI Joe commercials, running pic of the day stuff etc. Something that can quickly be shared throughout the different Facebook GI Joe pages. They could even allow some of the more versed contributors (like Justin Bell or James Kavanuagh Jr or Ron Rudat) on Facebook have contributor access if they wanted it. As a contributor role- what they post does not go directly on the page but can be managed like any content as to when best to approve and post, or to be edited. Using FB for Q & A with key industry people. But know your media. The Official Club Twittter is under 3,000 followers and is more active then the Facebook Page which has over 17,250 people that it can reach through the page likes. On Twitter they retweet content from Joe Battle lines, General Joes, etc, but on FB they post sporadically and mostly as a hindsight. If 17,250 people show an interest in GI Joe shouldn't they be given the opportunity to see that GI Joe is actually still around, reminded that the figures are for adults and kids, and solicit opinions on what they would like to see in forms of media (movies, cartoons, TV, games, etc) and product (licensed merchandise, not just the action figures and vehicles)

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    Well said WindorVT. I would like to echo your thoughts on behalf of the collectors "north" of the border. Share your thoughts & voice everyone. Joe will not die if we fight to keep it alive.

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    The issue I'm seeing in the future of G.I. Joe is a bit of a double edged sword. On one side is the ever increasing cost of figures and merchandise combined with most exclusives being labeled "adult collectible". On the other side of the blade is the issue that *if* the items were made more affordable or "kid friendly", we'd likely lose the quality we know and love. There needs to be a happy medium between two. A way to bring in younger audiences while maintaining quality. Sadly, the only way I see this being accomplished is with more mainstream media, that is movies or cartoons. Both those options are still a while into the future which makes the end of this club all the more saddening.
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    I look at the Kickstarter that got pulled for the Cobra automaton (Cobra Sentinel Kickstarter) and how quickly that got funded. It was set for only a month and was fully funded 10 days early before being shut down over copyright claims. That happened, it would have been made. It shows Joe fans can be a market, and once the tooling is made it can be reused, re-released...