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Thread: November 2016 Club updates

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    November 2016 Club updates

    Still all the same things going on.

    Finishing up 12" and 3 3/4" con sets and getting concepts to China. These are progressing nicely.

    12" Free Club figure is still in a bit of flux as it's pretty complicated. So, we won't be showing it in December and we will shoot for January.

    At this time there is a slight production delay but... we think it will not impact the FSS 5.0 container from leaving in a few weeks. I'll let you know when it is on the water.

    We are still waiting on final samples of the Super Joe 12" figures... shipping to us should be in our second container in December (January arrival here). When they give us the final samples we will know when they will be ready from the factory.

    Convention registration is still scheduled for January as not to impact your holiday spending.

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    Does it stand to reason that the con set will be revealed in whole or part before registration begins?

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    Yes, that's a very good question? Either way, we should have a reveal of the convention set by what, end of January?
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    12" incentive figure, can we have a hint?
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    Just wish to know con theme by then so I can plan accordingly, by which i mean get someone to buy it for my birthday...

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    How about a few hints regarding the Con Sets. I hope registration is late in January as I will be paying off all the Eagle Force, Dime Novel and Hellscreamerz kickstarters.

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    Is the Super Joe figure the incentive 12" figure or will this be Club Store offering?

    Thanks for the share GIJCC_Staff

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    Please note that we are showcasing the 2017 free membership figures in the GIJCC magazine as a FIRST LOOK. It is against club policy to scan any part of the magazine online. Full promotional images will be posted on the club forum and Facebook for non-members interested in joining at a later time.

    The 2017 GIJoeCon sets are pending tooling research and final approvals.

    Our 12" Super Joe and 3 3/4" Cobra Female Troopers are separate club exclusives that will be available in the club store for 2017.

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    Any updates on Heartwhencher?

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    When are images gonna sprout on that Cobra Trooper 3 pack?