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Thread: 2016 Convention Comic at Retail?

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    2016 Convention Comic at Retail?

    Normally we get a re-release of the comic from the Convention Set at retail with a different cover. Now I know that there was some timing issues with most Club creations and releases due to the contract negotiations. But I don't know how or if that would have effected this because the retail version would have come out before the contract expired. Or was it something that just got lost in the shuffle as everything else came together and attentions got shifted to bigger things like annual figures, conventions sets, convention planning etc. So I ask those of the club with the knowledge...

    Are we getting the convention comic at retail with an alternate cover?

    I know it kinda sounds like a trivial request. But honestly I've usually preferred the retail versions and have an almost complete collection of all the covers. I would just hate for that to have a hole created on a technicality.

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    Our G.I. JOE vs. COBRA Special #9 is currently solicited in the October PREVIEWS catalog for retail comic shops to order. We will also have it available on the GIJCC store this December.