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Thread: Ninja Force Scarlett-WANT

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    Ninja Force Scarlett-WANT

    Hey Team,

    I can't afford the whole set, but if anyone wants to sell off their Scarlett, let me know.


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    I'll offer $50, and I'll pre-pay you.

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    Hey Team,

    Now that these are shipping, if anyone is willing to sell or trade their Scarlett, please let me know. Willing to pay a fair amount.


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    Are you a member of any of the FB Gi Joe groups? If so Kevin Walker, Scott Scirenka, Greg Bridgeman tend to buy multiples of everything and are very reasonable on the secondary market. One of them would be worth a shot. Try the Tradeyerjoes, unofficial Discussion, Rec Room, Joe Nation, Universal Joes, or Renegades FB groups. I have found a lot of great deals in those groups personally. Good Luck.

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    I'll send a private message. I hate that scarlet and only really want Biggles-Jones

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    Good to know! I do t buy so many sets cause I only want a few figures