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Thread: 2016 GIJCC/TCC Crossover Exclusive 5-pack available for Pre-Order!

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    I am saying it right now.......stuff like this set from the club will be the norm...once the club is forced aside, then you can forget 15 figure box sets...

    Sure this set is expensive, but isnt it worth it IF it helps to keep the club around?? I think everyone figured in the $100 area already, $129 is high, but not out of the ball park, especially considering the cost of the Con exclusives last few years.

    I like this set and will get it, but the TFs will just stay in the box and get shelved next to the 4 JoeVsTF boxes from SDCCs...

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    Yes, bring down the costs to produce, but not necessarily the price. HasCon items, like SDCC will be considered a "premium" product and priced as such. In the end we are not going to get 21 figures produced (yes some are 3 x army builders, plus vehicles at HasCon. What we will probably get is a two figure set and a vehicle, or a 5 figure set because they have to make exclusives for their other lines as well. It won't entirely be centered around GI Joe which is why we need the Club to continue.

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    I would almost agree with you, but 129 becomes almost 150 after shipping. that's just too much. I already pay 30 a figure for the FSS, so I can't get behind the club charity argument. I wouldn't pay TRU that much, so to me, I'm already overpaying to support the Club's efforts. If there was more to this set, it'd be different. I wonder how many have sold? It doesn't seem like it would be popular among TF collectors.

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    I don't know I am not a TF collector , but I look at it this way.
    Given the limited number of sets that are going to sell and the Secondary market price that will occur something like this.
    $150- $200 Ninja Force Scarlett ( I don't really want her, but she is a female figure for my niece's collection)
    $125-$150 Dr. Biggles Jones (the only figure that I wanted for my niece and to add to her and her brother's Cobra Scientists)
    Cobra Commander $20 - because really no one wants this repaint except completists
    Transformers $20 each because there may be a TF fan that wants them and Retail this is how the Secondary market will double their money. So for me- I could pay $150 for Dr. Biggles Jones, or I could Pay $150 for Dr. Biggles Jones, have an ugly Ninja Force Scarlett, a repainted Cobra Commander and a few Transformers thrown in for the kids to also play with/display.

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    I don't think they'll go quite that high, but I get the logic, and am looking at even at 50, Scarlett and Biggles is 100 bucks, and could I make up the difference selling the rest, but I don't know.

    Also, that's too expensive a toy for your niece, you should sell it to me instead...

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    Hahahahaha- She has Covergirl, Daina, Doc, Jinx, Zaranna etc. to play with as well.

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    Love it! I've gotten almost the same for my 18 month old daughter. Can never start too young! She's got Vypra, Pythona, Doc, with many more. Yo Joe!

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    See I am not the only one. My goal is to get my niece and nephew all the Joes their mom and I had plus. That is why I want as much of the 1988 - 1990 completed as possible in the next two years as we can get. Although this path is expensive they are worth it...

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    I also tear open my and display my convention sets. I paid a hefty sum for Freefall and I (carefully) ripped open his bubble the day I received without regrets. They are not an investment for me and I have no intention of ever selling them. My view is that toys and most comic books only have a short life as a true collectibles. Granted some really ground breaking toys and comics will continue to rise in value for decades, but I don't think that the 2011 Convention Set of SDCC figures will ever be as valuable art.

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    I don't value them as investments either, but they still cost a lot. I just wish i could complete my ninja force without all the extras i can't afford.

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